Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Powering up for my workout

Power oats ingredients

1/4 cup oat bran (I love this stuff, so thick and creamy)
2 TB. Bob's spice n nice hot cereal
1/3 cup water (extra water so it doesn't get to thick with the banana)
1/4 of a diced banana warmed up for 20 sec.
1 tsp. chia seeds
mix together
topped with almond butter
raspberry all fruit spread
Tj's low fat mixed berry granola (for crunchy crunch)

Paired with a cup of Teavana fruity bianco white tea. This is some new tea I just got and hadn't tried yet. It's nice and fruity, but a little light in flavor. I prefer a heavier green or white tea, if that makes since. I drank the first cup while making my breakfast. So now I'm going to have a cup of Tazo vanilla apricot white tea with my oats.

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