Sunday, May 9, 2010

Macaroni salad on a sunny day

Main dinner ingredients, salmon and whole wheat elbow pasta

Macaroni salad
Whole wheat pasta
diced zucchini and carrots
mustard (whole grain, regular, honey mustard, and sweet onion mustard)
spices; dill, oregano, thyme, garlic salt, pepper, celery seed, and dry mustard)
reduced fat cheddar cheese
Tj's sweet relish

I saved half of the macaroni salad for dinner tomorrow night, and took the other half and added one can Alaskan wild salmon and diced hard boiled eggs. It was a good combination of veggies, protein, and whole grains. It tasted okay but my plan didn't come out as tasty as I was hoping.


  1. Great combo- maybe instead of the mustard, you could use a little olive oil and lemon juice?