Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dinner by the campfire

For mothers day weekend the whole family was camping. I had to work all weekend but Jeff and I joined them for dinner tonight.

We snacked on some kashi crackers and Tj's hummus, along with some sweet potato chips also from Tj's.

For dinner we had Tj's chicken lime burgers. I had mine with some hummus, peppercini's, pickles, zucchini, and lettuce. I also had some more kashi crackers and some carrot sticks.

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  1. Thank you to my wonderful daughter and my wonderful son-in-law who drove a long ways to join us on our camping weekend for a short period of time.

    And my Mothers Day gift was a hugh bag full of Bob's Red Mill products. As an ovarian cancer survivor and suffering some lasting effects from chemo, my daughter is in my corner to get me built back up. She included chia seeds, even though I pronounce them wrong and think they should be spread on some terra cotta head, and oatmeal and raw sugar and coconut etc. Everything that was on my list to get at Bob's, but was too fatigued to get there, she got for me.

    I'm very proud of her. We've made some huge changes to our eating habits based on her website. Her Dad still has a ways to go but he's coming along. While we ate TJ chicken burgers he had bratworst. But we eat less process food, and I'm addicted to whole grains. etc.

    Mom and Dad are very proud of our daughter, and we learn alot every day from her blog. Our eating habits are changing, they're not perfect, but they're coming along.

    Love you.