Monday, May 10, 2010

The day rewind

This morning I did day 4 of my upper body challenge. I started with 10 min. on the spinning bike then did chest, back, and shoulders. I jumped back on the bike for 15min. Then it was another circuit of shoulders, biceps, and triceps and back on the bike for another 15 min. I also did some abs and legs throughout the whole workout. I have mimicked this workout after a class that was called shift and lift. It's a circuit workout that keeps your heart rate up and burns a lot of calories, because you keep switching from one thing to the next.

After my workout I showered, got ready for work, and had this yummy snack.

Mini parfait with plain Greek yogurt, mixed berries, raw honey, and Tj's low fat almond granola. This is my favorite and most classic of all my mini parfaits. This is the parfait combo that started it all.

For lunch I had a sandwich on a Great Harvest whole wheat roll with Applegate all natural turkey, laughing cow cheese, Crofter's apricot all fruit spread, and spinach.

Jeff was supposed to fix dinner tonight since I had to work late. There was a little communication break down, I guess you have to spell out every detail for men. So when I got home and their was no dinner I had to throw something together. So dinner was leftover macaroni salad (the other half I saved from last night, minus the salmon and egg's) and some turkey for protein with some brushetta mix on top for flavor.


  1. Your parfait looks awesome! I am all out of Greek yogurt and am missing it terribly!

  2. Great workout! I love intervals! I also love the word parfait. It sounds so bad for you, but it is not and yours looks delicious! Even with the communication breakdown...your dinner looks tasty! Enjoy your evening!