Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 3 Vegas recap

After we spent the morning lounging at the pool we came back to the room, showered and then went back down stairs to eat some lunch at the California pizza kitchen. I had never been there befor,e but they actually have a lot of good healthy choices.

I started with a bowl of vegetarian Tuscan minestrone white bean and the other half is a split pea with barley. You choose two soups and they put them side by side. The minestrone was really good, Jeff got a bowl of just the minestrone.

We then shared a small pizza. It was the Greek and we got it on there multi grain crust.

After spending the afternoon wandering around and gambling we hit up this really cute outdoor bar at the hotel. It was called the Rhumbar, where we got this $50.00 moijito to share. It was huge and I'm not a big fan of moijito's, but this was good.


  1. Are you serious?! A $50.00 mojito!?! Sounds like it was crazy top-shelf ingredients. :)

  2. Actually it was $14.00-$20.00 just for a single drink in Vegas. This was 44 ounces, and it was a one and only time we would ever do that again, and only in Vegas.

  3. Oi, my cheapskate self would be soo disappointed to see those prices!! At least now I'll feel prepared should I go to Vegas... ;)

    And I totally get the splurge factor of being in Vegas and going large!! :D