Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weather or weather not?

Originally the weather called for 70 and sunny all weekend. Then it switched to cloudy, rainy, and 58 on Saturday. I had planned to go for a run Saturday and Sunday since it was going to be so nice. Saturday it was raining off and on and cloudy, remember I don't run in the rain, how miserable. So I changed my Saturday plans to an indoor workout. During my workout the clouds started to part and blue sky came out, there was no rain in the sky, so I could have ran after all.

Round 1:
Abs, legs, and upper body exercises using my own body weight as resistance.

Round 2:
30 min. on the spinning bike

Round 3:
Some yoga and stretching

Tomorrow's weather is still looking good, so hopefully their is a run in my plans.

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