Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jeff's cooking

Since I was working all day and wouldn't be home until 6pm I put Jeff in charge of making dinner.
He came home with:

a box of whole grain brown rice pilaf

Some asparagus that I should him how to cook. He went a little heavy with the Parmesan cheese.

It was a cornish game hen.
The picture of this little bird on his plate was so frightening I had to take it off of here, it was too gross for me. Hehehe

And here's his frightening dinner. He came home with Cornish game hens. I have only had these once at his parents house and I didn't like it then. I'm a little grossed out and scared of this little bird on my plate. But I told him he could cook whatever he wanted, and I love him for it, he tried really hard.

Here's my plate. I tried to eat a little of the chicken but between carving on this little bird and the texture (it's different than chicken or turkey). I just couldn't eat it. I ate the rice and asparagus and made a quick exit from the table. I love his effort, but this is probably why I do all of the cooking.


  1. But they're so cute, just like a little baby chicken. It seems very appropriate for the Easter season. :)

  2. Yes, they were cute like a whole dead bird on your plate staring at you. :)