Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a wrap

I made my own version of Starbucks spinach feta and egg white wrap.
I used half of a Tj's whole wheat lavash bread with Tj's brushetta mix, chopped fresh spinach, and feta. I cooked 2 egg whites in the microwave, just for convenience, but a pan would have been better. I chopped up the egg whites and added
it to the wrap.

Wrap with some peach herbal tea with a lemon.
This peach tea is so refreshing and delicious, you would think it was bad for you. But it's just herbal tea.

Taken my drink on the road with me to run some errands. I knew my plastic reusable cup would come in handy sometime.


  1. The wrap looks yummay!! Is the peach tea a Sbucks product?

  2. The peach tea is celestial seasonings.