Wednesday, April 28, 2010

30 day upper body challenge

As I was working out today, and getting my butt kicked in kickboxing. I saw how great my upper body looks and how toned it is. As I was working I could see my muscles and the definition in them.

So I decided my morning pity party was over, because I actually felt good about how my body looked. I'm just REALLY pale. But I also decided that I would like to give my upper body a little more attention. I feel that I haven't been challenging my upper body like I could.

So starting Monday and through May I'm starting my 30 day upper body challenge. The format and rules will come later this week. I will still be focusing on my whole body, but with more emphasis on challenging my upper body.

My 5 year wedding Anniversary is at the end of May, so I'm going to put that as my motivation. To look the best I can and be the healthiest I can.

I will be tracking my progress everyday and posting my plan of action later this week.

Anyone want to join me?

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