Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Menu

Here's a recap of what we ate on our trip. It's very easy to eat healthy when you rent a house, which is what we did. We were able to cook all of our own meal's, and it also helped that everyone in the group are pretty healthy eater's.

Friday night: Spaghetti
I made my own spaghetti sauce the night before we left. I made one vegetarian and one with Tj's ground turkey. We also had whole wheat and regular pasta, along with a salad and Great Harvest whole wheat rolls.

Saturday Breakfast: Pancakes and turkey bacon
We had whole wheat honey pancakes, Tj's turkey bacon, and fruit

Saturday Lunch: Pelican brewery
We went to the Pelican Brewery. I had a grilled salmon salad, minus the salmon because it was so over cooked I actually had to complain to the waitress.

Saturday Dinner: Burgers
We had Tj's leanest ground beef burgers and gardenburgers on whole wheat buns. Along with salad, grilled zucchini, and various healthy chips and dips.

Sunday Morning: Mixture
We had a mix of cereal, fruit, toast, and french toast made with Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread. I had yogurt with strawberries and granola and a slice of the honey whole wheat toasted with some almond butter. I heard the french toast made with the honey whole wheat was amazing, I'll have to make some in the future.


  1. I also try to live a healthy lifestyle and think its great you are too! My blog has many healthy recipes to choose from :)

  2. Thanks. I think that you can have fun, have a little treat every once in a while, and still stick to eating healthy at the same time.