Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind over body

I had to really push through my workout today. My quads are still so sore from Monday's workout, I think it was the squats on the bosu ball, followed by lunges, and jump squats, yup, I think that is why I'm so sore. I hadn't done squats on the bosu in a long time.

For today's workout I focused on cardio, keeping the heart rate up and getting a good ab workout. I started with 15min. on the spinning bike to elevate my heart rate and loosen up my sore muscles. Than I did 40 min. of kicking body/interval training with some ab exercises. I finished with another 15 min. on the spinning bike at top speed.

The last 15min. of my workout was the hardest. My legs were sore, and my body was tired, and my tummy was growling, and my energy was depleting. I must not have had enough calories today, and it wasn't able to sustain me throughout my workout. Even with all the distractions I finished my workout strong and did a lot of stretching afterwards.

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