Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whole Foods trip

Picked up some groceries at Whole Foods
A few Larabars in different flavors
Kashi TLC cheese crackers
Annie's Bunnie grahams
Light silk soymilk in vanilla (for Jeff, if it was my choice I would choose the unsweetened)
Drew's roasted tomato salad dressing
Julie's frozen yogurt in vanilla bean
jar of pimento's
St. Dalpfour brand Apricot (all fruit spread)
herb roasted all natural turkey


  1. i love the bunnie grahams and they dont have them at tj, now i know were to get them!! supper excited!!

  2. I like the links to the products. I'm learning about a bunch of products I wasn't aware of. I'll have to check out the bunnies, Easter's coming!

  3. Thanks for the link Stacey - Off to get my Bunnie Grahams!