Sunday, February 14, 2010

I topped my pancakes with a little bit of all natural peanut butter and grade A maple syrup. We also had scrambled egg whites with a wedge of herb garlic laughing cow cheese added in, it makes the eggs creamy with adding very few calories.

* I always use all natural peanut butter because the others have fillers in it of added sugar and bad oils that have been added in. I use pure maple syrup, with the cheap maple syrup it's all sugar and caramel coloring.


  1. You seem to use Laughing Cow cheese on a regular basis. I had never thought of that as a healthier cheese alternative. Also, by using a wedge you can better control your portion.

    I'll be giving that one a try.

  2. Yes laughing cow adds a delicious and creamy texture without all the fat.