Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday night dinner

Friday night's are usually healthy homemade pizza of some variety. But after looking at my ingredients last night I was missing some key ingredients such as bread or dough of some sorts.

So than I decided to make this new buckwheat pancake mix that I got. When I went to make it I realized you needed milk for the recipe, and I don't have milk because we use soy milk. I thought about using the soy but I wasn't sure if it would alter the last. So I used my usual whole wheat pancake mix instead and added my usual berries of some variety, tonight was raspberries and a few dark chocolate chips. We also had tj's turkey bacon for dinner. If you buy turkey bacon make sure you get a good quality one. Tj's is nitrate free and hormone free, all natural, no filler, and low fat. The cheap one's have some weird stuff in them.

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